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CHETÉ - Jewelry that People Acheté!

SILVER JEWELRY MANUFACTURER to the Wholesale and Retail Trade
Cheté - a leading silver jewelry manufacturer to the wholesale and retail trade - provides its customers with such services as private labels, and branded and non-branded products. Its unparalleled expertise in virtually every aspect of silver jewelry, from design to manufacture, enables Cheté to offer the best product and the best service anywhere!

Cheté's Message to the Wholesale and Retail Trade

"We have been a leading force in the design and manufacture of exclusive, fine sterling silver jewelry for top retail TV channels, electronic media, jewelry chain stores, wholesalers and catalog vendors worldwide for more than a decade.
"With over 40,000 samples to choose from, our eclectic product lines of both women's and men's sterling silver jewelry includes rings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets which reflect the au courant fashions in fine art silver jewelry - from classic pieces and trendy styles, to exclusive red-carpet collections.
"Our talented design teams from around the world draw their inspiration from diverse cultures and traditions, offering retail and wholesale customers an exciting mix of jewelry styles to choose from to suit their markets.
"As leading sterling silver jewelry manufacturers to the trade, we offer branded, non-branded, or private label products, and can customize designs, materials and manufacturing processes to suit your specific needs. We can adapt an existing product line to fit your design vision, or develop tailor-made collections according to your design and manufacture specifications.
"We will work together with you to analyze best-selling items, and based on the findings, we can offer new designs, new concepts and new techniques to create products that sell!

"Ask about Cheté sterling silver jewelry, and how we can help increase your sales.
"We don't just try to meet your expectations - we exceed them