Rhodium and 18K Gold Plating

Why should sterling silver jewelry be plated at all?

Most of us wouldn't think that sterling silver jewelry would require rhodium plating, mainly because it is already white in color, and plating just adds to the cost of the piece. However, Cheté sterling silver jewelry is rhodium plated despite the slightly higher cost, because of the added value of its durability, scratch-resistance, and long-lasting shine that is only attainable with high-quality rhodium plating.

Rhodium - a precious metal - is a member of the platinum family, and most often used on "white gold" (which is actually yellow gold that has been plated with a white metal alloy or rhodium). Rhodium is the jeweler's plating of choice, because it provides a beautiful, durable surface that resists tarnishing and scratches, and looks as rich as platinum. In fact, when platinum jewelry begins to lose its sheen, it is usually replated with rhodium.

Prices for plating vary according to the thickness of the rhodium plate. The thicker (more microns) used in the plating, the more expensive the plating will be.

Cheté's jewelry lines also include yellow gold plated pieces. As with rhodium plating, Cheté's 18K gold plating on sterling silver is of the highest standards, making each piece a joy to behold.

All of Cheté's rhodium plating and gold plating are executed to customers' specifications of micron thickness. Ask about our rhodium and gold plated silver jewelry, and how our high-quality jewelry can help increase your sales.

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